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-           Recommended for use in diesel and gasoline powered passenger cars like RV (Recreational Vehicle) and Light Duty Engine Cars built by Daimler Chrysler (Benz), Ford, GM and etc.

Performance Standards

-           10W-30/10W-40: API CH-4/SJ, ACEA E7, VDS-2, MB 228.1/229.1, MAN 271, MACK EO-M Plus, RD/RD-2, Cummins 20071,76,78, Cat ECF 1-a, C-4

-           15W-40/20w-50: API CH-4/SJ, ACEA E2, VDS, MB228.1, MAN 271, Mack EO-L Plus, MTU Type 1.

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Kixx D1
High Performance Diesel Engine Oil

Engineered for hard working light duty diesel and gasoline engines. Kixx D1 is a high performance, synthetic engine oil that provides unsurpassed lubrication and extreme temperature performance for today’s passenger car and light duty diesel engines operating in severe application and engines with particular filters and in other after-treatment systems.

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