Dongil Rubber Belt (DRB)

Dongil Rubber Belt (DRB)

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DRB beginning since 1945 and accumulated over 67 years’ experience, DRB diversified its filed of business to products such as power transmission belt, conveyor belt & system, vehicle sealing, rubber track & undercarriage system, construction material and seismic isolation system and company subsidiaries such as automation robot and second generation battery. Furthermore, DRB established its true global network capabilities by setting up offices and plants in China, Slovakia, the United States, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Dongil Power Transmission belt, essential for transferring power of all automotive, industrial and agricultural machines all over the world, have been accepted by customers as a pronoun for quality and reliability for over half a century. DRB power transmission belt are used as essential tools to transfer power of all machines and equipment used on a wide range of products in all heavy and light industries, including automotive, home and office appliances and equipment, chemicals, machinery, ships and farming equipment.

DRB has steadily improved the product quality and developed products for diverse application through development of various synthetic rubber, fiber, chemicals and their processing techniques.

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