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-           Recommended for mobile and stationary hydraulic system using axial piston type pumps where R&O type oils are suitable.

-           Recommended for use in non-turbine circulating systems and in industrial applications requiring a rust and oxidation inhibited oil, such as electric motor bearings, blowers, compressors, machine tools and industrial spindles.

-           Suitable for enclosed gear applications where antiwear or EP properties are not required.

Performance Standards

-           Meets the requirements of German hydraulic fluid standard Din 51524 Part1.

-           Appropriate viscosity grades meet ANSI/AGMA Standard 9005-D94.

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GS Hydro HD
Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid
(ISO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220,320)

General purpose Hydraulic Fluid, Rust and oxidation inhibited hydraulic fluid designed for used in a variety of industrial applications

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